Richard S.

I live alone with my dog Phillip. So I have to say I was having many second doubts about my ability to handle the move on my own. The new condo I rented was just a few miles away from the home I lived in at the moment, but the idea of having to pack all of that heavy furniture I had bought over the years scared me to death.


I was so relieved when one of my co-workers heard me complain during lunch one day and told me about First Class Moving and Storage! I had no idea they existed, or that they offered full packing services. What a God-send! I gave them a call and I still congratulate myself for doing it – and thank my co-worker for saving my arse. They cam, measures estimated  – quite on point, I might add – double wrapped my furniture, packed everything else using their own boxed and padding, and delivered everything to my new condo at the day of the move. Everything arrived safe and sound and exactly the way it was packed. Good job, guys! I would definitely use again!

Kaitlin M.

I used the First Class Moving and Storage moving services when I moved from Orlando to Austin. It was a very long journey, and I have to admit I had my concerns that they won’t be able to handle everything according to the plan. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the kind of professionalism and high-quality services these fellows are capable of.


After visiting my home and thoroughly inspected all my furniture and items that needed packing and moving, they gave me a very decent estimate. While I was a little skeptical, I decided to try them out. And I couldn’t have been happier with my decision! They definitely simplified things for me, and the job was very well handled. All of my items arrived right on time, as agreed upon. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and anyone interested in a clean, cheap, and safe move!

David N.

So I was getting ready to move from my farm in Alabama to a fancy apartment building in New York. Business was going well and I decided it was finally time to have a taste of the big city life. And my wife and kids had been asking for this change for a couple of years now. So I knew I couldn’t postpone it for longer. But I had no idea moving with three kids and two dogs, plus a wife who is obsessed with shoes and accessories were going to be so damn hard! When I saw just how many packing moving boxes I needed, started having second doubts. My stubborn wife, however, managed to find this service called First Class Moving and Storage, and everything went smoothly from there on. These fellows were real pros. They packed everything for us, from our two flat TVs to the dogs wood crates, dishes, pots, and pans, microwave, fridge, my motorcycle – you get the point. Everything. They came with their own packing supplies and encouraged me to get moving insurance. I’m a businessman and I know the importance of these policies, so I signed it without blinking. Better be safe than sorry! I had items worth a lot of money, and I also had to temporarily store them over the night in one of their storage facilities. So I didn’t want to take any chances. Nothing unpredictable happened, but I don’t regret getting the insurance. The moving services were quite cheap, so it was overall a good experience. So glad my wife found them and we are finally living the big city dream!

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