Stress-Free Long Distance Moving

One of the most stressful life events we all have to eventually go through is moving. When relocating locally, things might be a little less stressful given the relative proximity of our new address. Long distance moving, on the other hand, definitely adds a few extra weights on one’s shoulders. You do not solely have to handle the relocation to a new address in a new city or state, but you also need to make sure all of your belongings also make it there with you safe and unharmed. That means your heavy mahogany furniture, fine China, precious heirlooms, or delicate decorations, and even your pets and plants need a safe ride to your new place. Everything needs to be packed the right way in fully secured boxes with the right padding, and every single detail needs to be thoroughly planned.


Is Your Car Too Small For The Move?

If your car isn’t big enough to carry everything, you will undoubtedly need to ask for help. Sure you can rent a truck and make a few trips back and forth. But can you imagine the amount of time and money you will be spending in vain? Not to mention the stress and anxiety you will trigger into your body.


Asking for help from friends and family might also not be entirely viable, especially if you need to travel for hundreds of miles. You cannot expect to have everyone drop their jobs and daily activities and come to be your driver for a week.


Plus, carrying your bulky furniture, refrigerator and the rest of your appliances, workout gear, plants, and fragile items in several small cars will simply not do the trick. You need professional long distance moving trucks endowed with everything your move will need. Interstate movers are the people to call for the job. And the First Class Moving and Storage team is here to cater to your every need.


We Make Long Distance Moving Easy For You

We know you are looking for the most affordable rates possible, topped by a 100% honest service that will not overcharge you or rip you off in any way. Moving is already a costly process as is. So having a crook try to grab an arm and leg from you and justify it through unexpected expenses and fees they never mentioned to you in the first place is not acceptable.


Avoid falling into that trap by getting in touch with us. We can provide you with the most decent long distance moving rates and not charge you exorbitant money for it. At First Class Moving and Storage, all of the moving specialists we hire are fully trained and experienced, so there will be no delays and complications caused by improper planning or estimates. In fact, you will receive a first and final quote straight up, no exceptions, no funny business, and no additional distress later on.

You can feel free to use a distance rate calculator online and personally estimate the distance your goods will be traveling. Find out how fast can you get there, and how much would it cost. Still, think driving there on your own might be a better idea? Take into account the fact that you most likely are not licensed to drive a large moving truck, and that you will also spend money on gas, hotels, food, and even temporary storage. Having all of your items be safely and properly relocate all in one move should, therefore, be your main goal.


At First Class Moving and Storage, we own the right kind of moving equipment, the experts for the job, and many long years of experience to make sure your moving goes as smoothly as possible. We have managed to considerably improve out long distance move process over the years. We have perfected it to a degree that we are most proud of and satisfied with. Our team is capable of offering comprehensive assistance to each and every customer when relocating over a longer distance.


Enjoy Complete Protection For Your Items

At First Class Moving and Storage, we know very well that packing is, by far, a critical stage in any moving process. Since your items will be traveling for many hours in a row in order to reach their destination, packing them with a satisfactory amount of padding and additional security measures is a must. Fail to do it properly and you will risk looking at damaged goods and a whole new set of expenses to worry about. This is a common occurrence when people handle their own packing, but they do not have the knowledge, experience, or supplies for it.


Hire us and we will ensure all of your beloved possessions will be packed the right way, no matter how big or small, delicate or sturdy. We can provide you with specialized protection for floors and corners, TV sets, mirrors, or hallways. We double wrap all furniture to prevent any wall scraping when carrying it up and down the stairs.


Choose Our All-in-One Solution

If you live alone or with just one partner, packing and moving everything across the country can turn into a problem. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Ask for our final quote and we make sure to include all of the labor costs, as well as all additional packing materials, insurance, gas, parking, tolls, packing, delivery, and pick-up expenses to the tab.


Our all-in-one-solution is extremely affordable and has helped us establish ourselves as one of the leading cross-country movers in the US. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any moving requirement, question, or concern.


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