How To Make A Personalized Moving Checklist

As one of the leaders of the moving industry in the US, the First Class Moving and Storage team has experienced a lot of unpredictable scenarios and unforeseen incidents during the hundreds of moves we have accommodated. Things get lost or stolen, moving vans get car-jacked and burglarized in remote areas, trunks get flat tires because of glass or sharp objects on the road, and the list goes on. You’ve probably never spent any time worrying about such matters. But they can, in fact, be harsh realities of a move. Nevertheless, by hiring a professional moving company with lots of experience in the field, taking the correct precautions, and getting moving insurance, you should be well covered against these threats.


As for the risk of leaving some of your belongings behind, improperly packing your most sensitive items, or forgetting to change your mailing address, you can use a special moving checklist. Whether you are getting ready for a local move or long distance relocation, this list of things to do should help you avoid a lot of headache and problems later on in the process.


Stay Ahead Of Schedule

Assuming you’ve known about your move for at least a few months, and it’s not a spur of the moment thing, there are loads of things you can do well in advance to make things easier on you. Start early, search for the best mover in your area, set up all the details, talk to your kids’ school, have your mailing address changed, make sure all utilities are installed at your new place, and basically do everything you can to simplify things at the time of your arrival at the new place. Here is a moving checklist that should help you out:


Find The Best Moving Service

Start your research for a highly reliable mover in your area. You need someone who is available straight away, no delays, and no complications. Opt for a local mover like First Class Moving and Storage for both local and long-distance moves. The main advantage of contracting their services comes from the fact that you won’t have to worry about searching for a nationwide company if you need interstate moves.


The majority of small, local movers do not have the manpower and the logistics needed to deliver all of your belongings across the country. But at First Class Moving and Storage, we can immediately start working to make your interstate move happen hassle-free. We own the tools, equipment, manpower, and expertize needed to ensure all your stuff will be successfully delivered to your new home within the estimated time period.


Get Several Quotes

Ask for a few quotes from different moving companies and find the most affordable service. Make sure you get your estimates in writing whenever possible. First Class Moving and Storage provides full, flat-price, and final estimates the moment you will get in touch with them and tell them what you need to be moved. They will accurately include all fees, surcharges and extra costs that might be incurred in the process. This should bring you more peace of mind, knowing you will not have to pay even as much as an extra cent at the end of the move.


Get Insurance

While you cannot stop any unfortunate events from happening during the move, you can choose the way you will manage a potential crisis. Get the best insurance quote that will cover you in case of damage or theft and thank yourself later.


Start Packing Ahead Of Time

Your detailed moving checklist should remind you to consider all of your packing options and help you save money. You can create a separate packing checklist and a packing calendar. You could easily miss a critical moving task while busy looking for packing boxes and supplies. However, not allocating enough time and attention to the packing process could leave you with damaged items during the move. Your stuff will go through some serious strain during the move, hence the importance of choosing the sturdiest, most reliable packing supplies.


At First Class Moving and Storage, we can provide you with three packing solutions to match your every packing need. Our packing staff will arrive at your place and either pack your entire kitchen for you, the entire house, or certain items that are more difficult to handle on your own.


Do A Full Inventory

Remember to take your time and do a full inventory of your home, going from room to room and deciding what it is that you will want to move. Make a detailed list of everything that needs to make it in the moving vans, and make sure you write a separate list of the most fragile items that require special attention.


Donate or give away household items that are still usable, if you will no longer need them in your new home.


Pack an essentials box containing all the vital items you will need upon arrival, including toiletries, prescription medication, a change of clothes, first aid kit, food.


Before The Big Move

Once everything is packed and ready to be moved, wait for the movers and have them load all of the furniture and boxes inside. Wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movements and focus on closed footwear with anti-slip soles. Supervise all the work yourself and make sure nothing is missed.


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