Tips For Unpacking And Organizing Your New Home

Moving houses is a stressful activity prone to lead to lots of sleepless nights spent packing everything from bulky furniture down to the smallest and most fragile fine China teacup sets. But moving doesn’t just come down to packing. There are so many things to take care of and plan way ahead of time – and having a professional moving company to throw you a hand can definitely smoothen the process.


Fast forward to the day of your arrival at your new place. The movers have bought all of your boxes and furniture inside. You are ready to start unpacking and organizing your new crib. You can’t wait to decorate it and bring it your personal touch – making it feel like home. But right now you might be scratching your head and wondering where to start. You have, most likely and like the majority of people, experienced high levels of stress during the move. And you might have a harder time thinking clearly now. You need a few good nights of rest. Make sure you are fully recovered before you start organizing your new home. It will help you see things a lot clearer and make the best decisions.


Start With The Bulky Items

One of the best approaches to any unpacking process is to start with the largest items. We have been working in the moving industry for quite a while now, and we know that one of the most common mistakes people do when they unpack is that they start with the smaller boxes. They are of course easier to tackle. However, you should unpack your furniture, the lawn mower, patio furniture, your bikes and tool boxes and anything else that belongs to the yard or garage. Focus on setting up the sofa, chairs and tables, beds, refrigerator and the rest of the kitchen appliances.


Make sure you already know exactly where you want each item to go. Once the big stuff is out of the way, you will enjoy more freedom to focus on the smaller things. Keep in mind First Class Moving and Storage can also provide you with expert unpacking services, upon request. So if you feel overwhelmed or you simply do not have the time do to it on your own, we are here to throw you a hand.


Move On To The Bathroom

Once you are done setting up all of your furniture, it is time to move on to the bathroom. Look for the boxes labeled “bathroom essentials” including soaps, shampoos, shower curtains, bath mats and so on. Find room for everything in the bathroom. See that the movers load these boxes at the very end, so you can pull them out of the truck first.


Continue With The Kitchen

Find the boxes that contain your kitchen items and start stacking up your plates, silverware, pans, and pots and any other essentials that will slowly, but surely start to shape up your new kitchen. Since you will be unpacking a lot of fragile items in the kitchen, see that you pay special attention when unpacking. Do not let your kids unpack your glasses and cups, plates and fine China and risk breaking them.


Next Up, The Fabrics

Once your kitchen is starting to look like a real cooking area, move on to the fabric items. See that you do not tear anything. Put up all the window treatments so you can gain your sense of privacy in our new home.


Dispose of all of the used boxes, if you have personally bought them and they are not rented from a moving company. Avoid having them stacked them outside your house or apartment building, near the trash cans. You can also fold all cartons and boxes and store if you think you will need to use them again soon.


You can now finally unpack all of your accessories, jewelry, electronics, and anything else you might have packed inside your boxes. Add a few decorations and start planning a housewarming party and invite your new neighbors!


Finally, keep in mind you can significantly simplify the organization of your new home by having an experienced mover help you unpack all of your items – or at least your furniture and the bulkier stuff –  upon your arrival at your new place.



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